The Grand Army of the Frontier
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2019 Grand Muster at Camp Pitspitr

2009 Grand Muster at Fort Hartsuff

2009 Illinois State Muster; 30 May 2009

2009 SASS Winter Range, Phoenix, AZ; February 25th - March 1st, 2009
Members of the color guard are:

Bvt Capt Lou Graham, Grizzly Adams, Dubious Don, Pigpen, Four Eyes Nick, Sagebrush Burns

Posting the Colors
Retiring the colors

2008 SASS Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada; 4-7 December '08
Members of the color guard are:


2008 NCOWS National Shoot in Evansville, Indiana; 6 June '08
Members of the color guard are left to right:
"Dr. Bob" Dorian, "River City John" Covert, Brian "Dusty Tagalon" Bauer, Bvt Lt Col Jeff "Steel Horse Bailey

Grand Duke Buffalo Hunt Rendezvous in Hays Center Nebraska 2005
In the first picture from left to right is Jerry Mull aka Kid Flatrock, Shane Upoff aka Sargent Chapman, Steve Alexander As General George A Custer, Mike Ripple aka Gringo Jack And Jim Thompson aka Ogallala Jim.
Kansas Grand Army of the Frontier Championship Shoot 2007 Color Guard
Members of the color guard are left to right:
Colonel J. J. Van Horn, Jerry Barnes, Simon N Garfunkel, Trap, Sam, Major Matt Lewis

Winter Range 2007 Color Guard
Sagebrush Burns, Commander Department of the Platte, in slouch hat, Lineas Puffbuster in white helmet; second rank left to right as you look at them - Pig Pen w/carbine, Sam Hane w/national colors, G. Wiz w/Arizona colors, Slick Four Eyes Nick w/ carbine.

A Buffalo Soldier is always prepared for hostiles...

SASS High Plains Regional Event
Hell On Wheels 2003 Color Guard
Chicago Kid - Hardtack Henry - Mustang Gregg - Trailrider - Mr. Roy Varga - Missouri Scotsman

Random Images of GAF Members