GAF Junior Postal Match Course of Fire

The Grand Army of the Frontier recognizes that the future of the sport is dependant upon welcoming its younger members into the shooting and hunting fraternity. These younger shooters can sometimes be intimidated by the prospect of shooting against the older, more experiences shooters and by the recoil of larger cartridges of the old military weapons. Therefore the Grand Army of the Frontier will sponsor a Junior Postal match, the purposes of which are; To encourage participation in the Grand Army of the Frontier by its younger members, To encourage safe firearm handling and knowledge by promoting mentoring of the younger GAF members, to offer an opportunity for the younger GAF members who might otherwise be intimidated by full sized firearms or competition with adults to compete in a GAF sanctioned Postal Shoot and To promote membership in the Grand Army of the Frontier by the next generation of Western Action Shooters and Living Historians.
  1. The GAF Standard Course of Fire is based on the Army standard for marksmanship qualification during the 1880s, but using a reduced-sized target at reduced ranges to accommodate the modern shooter. This course of fire may be completed either independently at any time convenient to the member, or through competition in the semi-annual GAF postal match. A registration fee for the GAF postal match is required, but there is no registration fee if the standard course of fire is shot independent of a GAF postal match. The GAF Junior Postal Shooting Match may be shot by any GAF member under 18 years of age with the direct supervision of an adult GAF member and parental approval.

  2. There are two Divisions of firearms that may be used; Pistol and Long arm . Divisions allow civilian-style firearms. The pistol class includes single and double action revolvers and single shot pistols. The Long Arm Class allows Any make or model of original or replica Victorian Era Firearms, which must be equipped with standard open sights, i.e., no telescopic or post-production sights installed. Ammunition used must be a rim fire cartridge firing a non-jacketed lead projectile.

  3. The standard course of fire will consist of shooting at a different target from each of the four different positions with either a rifle or pistol. The positions that will be used are Standing (off-hand), Kneeling, Sitting, and Prone.

  4. Rifle shooters will use the reduced-size M1885 Army Rifle A1 Target shot standing, the reduced-size M1885 Army Rifle B5 Target shot sitting and another shot kneeling and the reduced-size M1885 Army Rifle C Target shot from the prone position, all at a range of 13 1/2 yards (50 feet). This will allow a 100 yard sight setting to be utilized on most rifles.

  5. Handgun shooters will use a different copy of the reduced-size M1885 Army Rifle A1 Target shot at a range of 8 yards from each of the 4 positions (standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. Pistols should be shot one handed. Exceptions for health or safety reasons may be made at discretion of match director, but cycling the handgun with the offhand is not allowed.

  6. Each of the four targets will be shot with five (5) rounds for a total of 20 rounds per firearm. If a round cuts the line of a scoring ring, the higher value will be awarded. In a postal match, all ties will be broken first by the X ring count, and then by total string distance from the center (The distance of each hole from the center of the target will be measured. The smallest distance will win.)

  7. Targets should not be marked in any manner except to list the GAF ID and name or alias of the shooter, the date the target was shot, the firing position and the firearm used. Targets will be forwarded to either the Postal Match Director or the GAF Director of Marksmanship as appropriate for scoring. If the shooter desires the return of the targets, they should include a SASE for that purpose. Decisions by the judges are final.

  8. The following items are allowed for use when shooting the GAF Standard Course of Fire: Sling, gloves, sight darkening substance, spotter or coach, spotting scope or binoculars, and ground cloth. Eye and ear protection are highly encouraged.

  9. When competing in any GAF sponsored match, any shooter who scores 85% or higher of the highest possible score will be authorized to wear the GAF Marksmanship Award.

  10. Postal Matches will require a registration fee of $5 to compete in any single division. Each shooter may participate in all divisions and with multiple weapons in each; however, the shooter must register each weapon used. For example, the use of 3 different weapons would require three registrations and a payment of $15. (this registration fee may be waived at the Match director’s discretion)

  11. GAF Postal Matches will be conducted during the months of March to May, and September to November annually. Registrations must be made during the first two months (March through April and September through October) of each semiannual match. Results of the postal match will be announced in The Barracks on CASCITY.COM