GAF Enlistment and Recruiting

The Grand Army of the Frontier is open to anyone who has an interest in any or all aspects of the Victorian-era Military. All Cowboy Action Shootist and reenactors are strongly encouraged to join. This group was established to foster the free exchange and flow of information and ideas to recreate the various uniforms used in this era. Also, uniforms are DEFINITELY not required, but members are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to wear uniforms while competing in Cowboy Action Shooting events, if they have one...

Please select from the list below to download a copy of a GAF Recruiting Brochure for use in the field.

So, if the aforementioned sparks your interest or inspires you, please submit the following information via email to so you can be enlisted in the GAF. Welcome aboard!

  • Honorific (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr.)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • CAS Alias (Optional for Renactors)
  • Primary Address (i.e. 123 N. Main St.)
  • Second Address (i.e. Apt. 1B)
  • City
  • State Code (i.e. CA for California, etc.)
  • Postal Code (i.e. ZIP, etc.)
  • Email Address
  • How did you learn about the GAF?
    • GAF Member Recommendation
    • Saw GAF Flyer
    • Saw GAF Web Site
  • If a GAF Member spoke with you,
    what was their Alias/Name?