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2016 Grand Army of the Frontier
Department of Missouri Muster
July 28,29,30, 2016

The 2016 GAF Department of Missouri Muster will be held in Illinois on 28, 29, and 30 July of 2016. The location of the muster will be at the Tri County Gun Club 3441 Brookville Road, Polo, IL 61064 which is 5 miles west of Polo, Illinois and approx. 4 miles east of Milledgeville, Illinois.

This Muster will be open to anyone in the GAF. If not currently a member you can “enlist” at the muster. Membership in the GAF is free and easy. It is not necessary to have a uniform or military type weapons. You can shoot your cowboy guns and wear cowboy clothing.

Round counts will be dependent on the number of times the shooter needs to shoot at each target to hit the target. This is “clean” match format. 100 rounds for rifle and pistol would be a good plan. We will shoot 5or 6 stages, one of which will be "skirmish type", like the National GAF muster.

Camping will be permitted. Primitive camping as well as RV hookups will be available. However we do need prior registration for camping. Please be advised that there is NO Alcohol allowed on the grounds of the range. This will be strictly enforced. There are motels in Dixon, Rock Falls, Oregon and Polo, Illinois.

    The following schedule will be followed:
  • 28 July morning colors at 0700. Precision rifle (200 yds.) @ 0900. Precision Pistol, B 25 target at same time. If we get through the rifle and pistol disciplines we will start on the stages. 1700 retire the colors.
  • 29 July morning colors @ 0700. Will start stages 1 & 2, 3 & 4. If time permits will start on stages 5 & 6. 1700 retire the colors.
  • 30 July morning colors @ 0700. Finish all shooting by 1700. 1700 retire the colors. 1800 banquet on site.

Other info: the Tri County Gun Club is the host for this match. The club house is fully contained and fully furnished. There are 9 pistol bays covering distances from 25 yards to 75 yards. One bay (#2) is 35 yards deep X 50 yards wide. 2 rifle ranges 1 @ 200 yards and 1 @ 100 yards. You will have an opportunity to get your long gun sighted in.

If you are planning on coming, please PM me with the following info: Camping; yes/no. Class as per GAF guidelines. If you are unsure, no problem we will get you in order. There will be a prize table too similar to what Pitspitr runs. The cost is $75.00 and includes the banquet. Arrangements are being finalized for breakfast and lunch, there will be an additional cost for those meals.

Any questions contact us and we'll get you an answer! Look forward to seeing you there.
Don Long -- –815-967-6333
Doug Strong -- – 847- 436-9212
Pat Gannon – – 815-206-3534