Period Bugle Calls

Listed here is the Daily Sequence, those calls with a * were the Sunday routine.

First Call* - 0550 hrs, assembly of Buglers, also preparation for a formation
Reveille* - 0600hrs Troops roll out and start the day
Assembly* - meet at a designated location
Mess Call* (morning) - 0630hrs Troops line up for morning chow
Sick Call - 0700hrs Troops who are ill report to the dispensary
Drill Call - 0730hrs or Fatigue call, policing the grounds
Assembly - 0855hrs Assembly of the Guard
First Sergeantís Call - First Sergeants to form their respective companies
Officer's Call - Officers to meet at a designated area
Recall - Call back units from work details
Mail Call
Mess Call - Noon chow
Drill Call - Afternoon period for drill with or without weapons
First call*
Guard Mounting (when scheduled) Guard to be assembled
Adjutant's Call - (parades only) Adjutant is about to form the guard
Retreat* - 1600hrs
To the Colors*
Mess Call - Evening meal
Tattoo - 2100hrs, this signals 15 minutes to lights out
Call to Quarters - signal all personnel not authorized to be absent from their quarters for the night
Taps - 2145hrs